Ninja Nites @ Daikanyama

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Ninja Nites had another edition at Daikanyama, this time featuring Bunga from TAG and Jee Hoe from Melee Punks/House This!?. Having never been to the Japanese themed restaurant-cum-club-bar before, this venue was a great place for the local Barsonic/Zouk resident DJs to move away from their stomping ground, albeit if it was only for one night.

Let’s sum up the night with a few words; sake in ceramic vessels, scene kids, a singular funnel, TAG anthems and dancing. Lots of it. The Twilight Action Girl representatives and Jee Hoe’s sets were everything you’d expect from a standard Barsonic night a year back – dropping The Killers and Kings of Leon tracks, the DJs understood the crowds’ needs and delivered on all accounts. Alex A Squared and VNRP then hit the decks to appease the late night party-goers.

If anything, there was maybe a bit too much dancing for little Daikanyama to handle, the wooden dancefloor vibrated through the night, adding to fears of falling through the lower floor’s ceiling. But thankfully that didn’t happen, and the night was great (and safe) for all to enjoy! Congratulations to those who made it through the wee hours of the morn, sake soaked or not!

Ninja Nites at Daikanyama took place on Saturday, 16th of October at upper Daikanyama on Changkat Bukit Bintang. Ninja Nite pictures here. Checkout for updates on the next Ninja Nite and more events.