Nike Summerdelic @ Mid Valley

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It was Summerdelic alright at Nike Summerdelic presents 2009 Summer Sportswear Collection yesterday. KL was burning up! Luckily the JUICE office is right around the corner from the Centre Court of Mid Valley. We walked over after work in the midst of a very hot Thursday evening and were greeted at the already-packed cordoned area. In the goodie bag, we found a Nike tee, a Frisbee and a yoyo, which Arabyrd took from our bag at the end of the show. She’s a better yoyo player than we are, so it’s all good!

The show started with Rudy and Ean of welcoming the crowd that’s squeezed in tighter than a can of sardines. There were also those watching from each floor of the mall up to the 3rd floor. The 2 funny boys rocked the runway, followed by pole dancers (2 girls and 2 guys) clad in Nike Sportswear. Suddenly pole-dancing is hitting it big in KL, and it was refreshing to see it not as a sensual act, but acrobatic.

Four female models came out and rocked it out on stage, followed by Arabyrd’s performance of the addictive ‘ByrdKick’ single. Overheard at the event: “Hmm, wonder where she is going to fly down from this time?” She definitely rocked it out on stage when she was joined by Joe Flizzow and DJ Nesh’s swagger on stage to model the new Summer Collection. It was the power of hip hop on stage at that point.

Right after that was the cheerleading troop, that got the air buzzing with energy. Everyone including JUICE had a ball watching the fashion show styled by Ethan Chu and music by Twilight Actiongirl’s DJs Bunga and Ribut.

The boys of Pop Shuvit came out one by one, walked the runway, and then started to rock Mid Valley Megamall with their hit ‘Marabahaya’. Everyone that came onstage then became instant rockstars, rockin their Nike gear. We found it both hilarious and fun to watch these boys and girls from all walks of life on stage, proving that Nike is more than just sportswear, it’s also music and lifestyle.

JUICE hung out at the venue with our drinks, caught up with all our friends and feeling up on TAG’s music. This is probably one of the least uptight fashion shows, despite the heat. It wasn’t dull at all! There were just so many things to watch and man, the 2009 Summer Sportswear Collection featuring remastered Cortez, Eugene Track Jackets and the newly introduced Aqua Sports are off the hook! That’s what Summer’s supposed to be – colourful! We can’t wait to get our hands on them already.

Here’s a video JUICE cooked up last night.


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