Nike Sportswear Tee

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I haven’t been a fan of the massive logo emblazoned item of clothing since the early 90s. Back then, it was okay to wear it and in gold or silver stitching too. But since then, I really loath the idea of a brand putting their logo on my space like I’m some advertising hoarding. And have me pay for the privilidge. Wtf. My boobs aren’t for sale. But there have been exceptions. Like the Adidas SS09 Select Pack for women which I haven’t stopped going on about since I first saw it. Terrific use of super-sized logos. Then there is this here Nike Sportswear tee.

Although the logo is the focal point, there is something remotely simple and innocent about it. In fact it’s down right old school and reminds me of a college or uni tee. Maybe I’m getting soft. Whatever. What makes this Nike tee new school is its use of eco-friendly inks, which are formulated free of chemicals such as PVC, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, and heavy metals. Two-thumbs up for that!

It’s also made of micro-sanded 150gm 100% organic cotton. The result is a little like cashmere or suede – it is super soft on the skin and I should know cause I have one. It is also available in every conceiveable colour. Mine is blue but my favourite has to be the rave pink with the light green Nike logo and blue swoosh. It makes my vision go all weird if I stare at it too long, like I’m doing some colour blind test. Trippy!

Available at all Nike stores now. Check for deets, dudes….