Nike Air Huarache ‘White/Black/Pure Platinum’

nike-huarache-white-black-pure-platinum-011 (1)

Nike is seriously out here to kill this ever struggling battle royale that’s going on within the sneaker world right now. Having their main rivals bumping up on nukes and heavy artillery for the past week, Nike ain’t backing down. Relying on steady arms and subtle shots, the swoosh squad is still on point with their latest release of the Nike Air Huarache ‘White/Black/Pure Platinum’ shoes. We would shelve this in the same compartment as the Air Max Lunar1 that we talked about previously but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with this pair — it’s still a pure fire pair. The sudden comeback of Air Huarache’s is something we definitely welcome and encourage. This latest drop is so on point with its inner neoprene sock, hefty midsole, and a modern upper, but honestly, we know you don’t care about all that. What draws you to these sneakers at the end of the day is the silhouette and colourway. Humans are very visual creatures and there is no denying that. We care less of the intricacies of the detailing and behind the curtains type of shit, but more towards how beautiful or swagged out the superficially constructed armour we put on look. Don’t believe us? Go look at yourself in the mirror and tell us; you do not give a crap about how you look. With that said, get these shoes and rock ’em with a pair of pristine joggers, thin sweater, and bucket hat for that Hypebeast cliché. 

Keep a look out at various Nike stockist around or just get these Air Huarache’s here.