Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Gum Soles

Nike AF1 Gum Soles


Guys, gum soles are a very necessary detail in your all white/black clothing game. That slight tinge of earthy brown on the sole of your buttery clean and fresh monochrome sneakers are one of those small things in an outfit that’ll make or break it. So it comes to no surprise that you need these low top Nike Air Force 1 ‘07s with gum soles that come in either all white or black. With the rise of normcore/dad-fashion, the crisp leather edges and timeless beauty of these babies will have your outfit flourishing on point when strutting through the streets looking like a smug ass baller.  No word on when they’ll be hitting up the interwebs or shelves of our favourite sneaker joints but keep a look out alright, guys?

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