LISTEN: Peep Nights of Rizal’s Rare Cuts From His Early (Chiptune) Days – Collected Beats Vol. 1

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BuwanBuwan Collective’s Nights of Rizal, a Pinoy producer and once collaborator of Adam Kasturi’s (their project Kereta is ahead of its time), has had different permutations over the years. One thing that remains a constant is his chiptune influence – and that signature is at its most explicit on Collected Beats Vol. 1, a rerelease of a 2011 record that documents the beats of his formative years. Despite that, even in 2017, they’re fresh as ever, nary the passé tropes of the genre and no hint of their being the works of an amateur who just discovered DAWs. To quote BuwanBuwan themselves, Nights of Rizal’s “early days of production still sounds potent and fresh amidst the sound of the present.”

Stream and/or download it below:

Listen to Nights of Rizal and Adam Kasturi as Kereta below:

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