Nicolas Jaar: Space Is Only Noise (Circus Company)

There are some young talents in dance and electronic music who are pushing genres to the borders of experimental and cerebral like never before: 20 year old NYC kid Nicolas Jaar is one of the newest and brightest of the moment’s feted lot of younglings. While he’s considered an electronic wunderkind, his visionary music is sprawled across the genres of world music, blues, leftfield and minimal techno, and classical music.

‘Etre’ opens with the sounds of waves a-lapping and sampled French quotes before coils of electronics strain, click and come a-whirring alongside a lonesome piano accompanied by the voices of children. And that is just the 1st track. ‘Colomb’ is a slo-mo house track that patters on with an Auto-Tuned voice, ‘I Got A Woman’ overlays a Ray Charles vocal sample to a narcoleptic hip hop beat while the title track is Nicolas’ psychedelic take on Kraut synth. It’s all a tad pretentious, a wee precious and not all dance-y, but it’s an immersive experience, one that will worm and niggle into your headspace as much as it will pull you into Nicolas’ own miasmic world.

LISTEN TO: ‘I Got A Woman’
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Text: Christopher Ujine Ong

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