VIDEO: The Teaser to Ngelamun — an Upcoming Short Based on Malay Folklore Mat Jenin

Have you ever heard of the Malay word ‘ngelamun’? Daydreaming in English, ‘ngelamun’ is best known from the traditional Malaysian folklore Mat Jenin – a legendary daydreamer.

An upcoming series of that name – Ngelamnun – will be released through YouTube by a group of young, enthusiastic passionate filmmakers. Directed and written by Adam Zainal, the film illustrates the modern rendition of the folklore, the narrative follows the ever woolgathering Mina Jenin, and her hallucinations of a schoolgirl’s crush. The display and representation of the film will not disappoint with its innuendos and bright sense of humour.

Watch the trailer here:

The film may very well be an awakening to the youths, with a pragmatic truth carrying the storyline – to aim straight for our goal and not overcompensate. Sounds familiar? It will be streamable via YouTube on Wednesday 8 March and will engage audiences through interactive videos where audiences will be able to help navigate Mina’s path.

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