next on the knowledge: trip hop!

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I’m not going to school you all that much on how trip hop came to be; I trust you’ve already picked up February’s copy of JUICE and have thoroughly consumed this month’s edition of The Knowledge by musical sage of the ages Matt Armitage. (If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, why I oughta…) Suffice for me to say that trip hop is the butters, the utter business, the cat’s pyjamas with a Ferrari red thong hiding beneath the surface. Yes I’m a fan.

If you’re wondering what it is about trip hop that’s got me harping on about it, The Knowledge comes correct this February 28th, 9pm at Bed KL. We’re always schooling you about musical genres you don’t usually get acquainted with in regular club nights, and this one is no different. Featuring Goldsounds capo DJ Goldfish on the decks, you’ll get familiar with the dark brooding beats of Portishead, Massive Attack, Tricky, Sneaker Pimps, Morcheeba, DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, Bonobo, Roots Manuva, Husky Rescue, Mogwai, Beck, Jel, I Monster. Good God man, trust me, it’s a lot of good music. And it’s free. And you get free stuff. And if you come, our proud supporter Johnnie Walker will personally pat you on the back and call you a kickass dude.

Still not convinced? Still? For shame. Here’s a taste of the signature Bristol-bred trip hop sound:

Portishead – Only You


Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground


See you people there!