News Straits Times X Fly FM: Paranoid Activities

Hey, remember Fear Factor? That show where contestants had to eat gross stuff, climb into transparent boxes full of bugs and experience things that were the stuff of nightmares? Well, now we’ve got our very own Malaysian version!

Fly FM and New Straits Times are presenting to you Paranoid Activities, where contestants will eat gross stuff, climb into boxes with creepy-crawlies.. You get the drift, but this also includes the chance to walk away with RM40,000! That’s a pretty huge cash cow. Who says facing your fears isn’t worth it? The show started yesterday (19 March), but continue tuning in to the Pagi Rock Crew every Monday to Thursday from 6am to 10am, and listen as they reveal the challenge of the day and the starting price. Call in, or text FLY <space> PA <space> BID VALUE to 33399, and show them just how low you can go from the starting price to face your fears! The lowest bidder of the day will be the one that gets to execute the challenge. Bidding closes at 7pm daily, and another round will begin the next day.

That’s not all! Every Friday, there’ll be an unexpected Mystery Friday revealed in New Straits Times. Listeners have to grab a copy of the newspaper to find out what the challenge and starting price is, and the search for the lowest bidder will continue on air. The 5 lowest bidders at the end of each week will take on their fears on the ground, and must successfully complete the challenge that they bid for to walk away with that cash cow! Are you afraid of the dark?

Paranoid Activities is brought to you by New Straits Times and Fly FM