Everything Changed When They Announced A New Avatar Series With A Sexy Earthbending Avatar

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Avatar: The Last Airbender' is getting an animated movie - Deseret News

Fire, water, earth, air. Soon we’ll be hearing the iconic intro of Avatar once again – and no, it’s not another rewatch!

The time has finally come for the next Avatar. It has been officially confirmed that the animation will follow the story of the Earth Avatar after Korra, and will officially be coming to Paramount+ in 2025.

It is currently unknown if it will be available to watch on Nickelodeon proper or if the original creators of the series are involved in the project, but with this news how could you not be excited?

We currently have no information regarding how far in the future the new Avatar series will be set. However, the outlet does have an interesting tidbit regarding the show’s potential setting.

“[A] very rough approximation based on previous Avatars is that if it’s set ~100 years after Korra’s time, it will be in the Avatar world’s equivalent of our world’s present day.”

Notably, in addition to the supposed new series, the very first animated Avatar feature film, which focuses on grown-up versions of Aang and his friends, is currently scheduled to release on 10 October 2025.

What Is The New 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Movie About?

According to Avatar News, this is no accident: “They’re intentionally releasing both in the same year, part of a much bigger plan.”

Seeing as how the first movie is also believed to be newly-formed Avatar Studios’ very first project, the outlet postulates that the new series will bow in either November or December 2025, barring a potential delay. At any rate, however, “they’re absolutely working on multiple projects in parallel right now.”