Nevermind Green Day, Here Come The Buzzcocks!

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A few days or weeks ago (time flies like a drunken spider at JUICE), we announced that Green Day is to perform in Singapore in January. Now, The Buzzcocks might not be considered compensation to some, but remember, if there were no Buzzcocks there would be no Green Day…. Yeah, they’re that legendary! Sex Pistols-era-Manchester-scene-pioneer-legendary to be exact. And they’re coming down to KL! THere’s more good news after the jump.

And that good news is: It’s just RM50 at the door!

The current lineup of Pete Shelley, Steve Diggle, Chris Remmington and Danny Farrant are scheduled to rock the locals at 4pm on Sunday 8 November at Number 1Cafe, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman in KL.

8 studio albums across more than 30 years of indie giggin’ are testaments to The Buzzcocks place in punk history. Although Rice Cooker writer and local punk godfather Joe Kidd says that they were fat the last time he saw them in 1992 (and are probably still fat judging by the 2007 video below), he’s quick to point out that they “always play a storming set!” And that’s probably why they’ve been covered by current bands like Nouvelle Vague, who laid down a folky jazz version of their punk gem ‘Ever Fallen In Love’.

So, are we going to sit down and let the Singaporeans have all the fun? Or are we going to be slam dancing to Pete singing “have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with?”