Neurotraxx Deluxe: 3 Years Of Neurotraxx Deluxe

Having released a consistent range of quality house and techno music for the last three years, Rome-based Neurotraxx Deluxe has compiled this 10-track compilation to mark a memorable moment for the label. The compilation comes with killer sounds and floor filling tunes, ranging from bass driven cuts to deep tech-house grooves.

The excitement starts straight up from the first track, ‘C’mon Girl’ where Martijn provides a straight up bass heavy bomb. ‘Gangsta Love’ sees old school hip-hop vocals leading a killer bassline. Ross Caiden’s ‘Piano for Kim’ is a beautifully fluttering piece lead by a rolling percussion and a classy piano loop (our personal favourite), followed by his slamming house tune ‘Bricklane Beatdown’. Youri Donatz offers the deep tribal elements with ‘Drei’ while David Pher comes in with a captivating tech-house groove with ‘One Shine’. With soothing vocals on Per Hammar’s track ‘Get That’, it’s definitely a notable addition to the compilation, and finally Lucio Malatoid ‘s endeavour ‘Nowhere Feat. Marcie & Thorr’ provides an uplifting closing track.

Neurotraxx Deluxe has provided us with a great selection of tracks giving us an insight of what to expect in the future from this exciting label.

LISTEN TO: ‘Piano for Kim’, ‘Drei’ and ‘Get That’
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