Neubeats Party #1 feat. Designer Drugs @ Mist

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Most people wait for the weekend or at least Friday to party. Not JUICE. We embrace nasty beats no matter how overwhelming they are, whatever day of the week. And because just talking about it doesn’t prove anything, we pulled up to Mist Club last night (Thursday, mofo!) for a taste of Designer Drugs. Oh yeah…

We’re not gonna lie to you. There was some ill sh!t happening when were got there, musically. Opening sets by DJ Nazkimo and the boys from Foulworks were hot but the crowd was probably just starting to get warmed up. Still their impressive mix of electro and noisy techno gave the crowd involuntary spasms as they inched up the excitement level with every beat.

Mist was quite packed though they closed up the floor above. It was funny to see people from Barsonic there. We’ve always come to believe that Barsonic revelers never leave that place (except to go bundle shopping).

But Designer Drugs were popular amongst the hard dance addicts and soon it was time for Michael Vincent Patrick of Designer Drugs to go on. Immediately plummeting our brains, the New Yorker and one half of DD galvanised the crowd to the dancefloor. It was heavy, hard and punk. Very dirty stuff. We couldn’t stop.

Within the first half hour of DD’s set, the music stopped twice but picked up with gusto. Soon it was all sweat and shaky bodies. True to the name, Designer Drugs were getting us high, synth-ing up towards climaxes and breakdowns.

We can’t really recall what happened next. But some pictures in our gallery points towards a hardcore time. Well, for a Thursday night at least.

Neubeats Party #1 feat. Designer Drugs @ Mist went down on 4 March 2010. Check out the chaos in our gallery.