Sabahan TikToker Urges For Support Of Child Food Sellers On Roadsides After Despairing Encounter

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On her way to deliver a parcel, TikTok user Deyla Habib captured the heart-wrenching scene of a young child who sold mangoes to passersby seemingly taking a nap under the rain in a drain located along a road divider in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

The child sported an umbrella, half of which barely covered her head and body; while the other half was placed between the pavement and her arm which supported her resting head.

@deylahabib94 Sayu tgok adik ne masa cod brg… Semoga Allah sentiasa murahkan rezeki adik ni skeluarga. #fyp #xyzcba #fypdongggggggg #forgoupage ♬ Ambient-style emotional piano – MoppySound

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Concerned, Deyla called out to the girl in the clip, who initially thought she wanted to purchase the mangoes. Instead, she asked where her parents were – to which the child informed her that they had gone to fetch her younger sibling.

The 9-second video was quick to gain traction online, earning almost 100,000 likes to date. Needless to say, netizens flooded the comments section with words of sympathy and concern.

Subsequently, Deyla uploaded a follow-up video to respond to the viewers’ abundant questions.

@deylahabib94 Replying to @DeylaHabib Semoga dpt menjawab persoalan kamu semua🙏🏻 #fyp #foryoupage #fypdongggggggg #xyzcba ♬ Ambient-style emotional piano – MoppySound

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“Firstly, a lot of people are asking me where her parents are, and why I did not buy the mangoes from her. While I was driving, I coincidentally came across this traffic light and spotted the child. I called out to her a few times, and she brought me the packet of mangoes.

“That is when I asked where her parents were, but I did not ask where they had gone to pick the younger sibling up from. Unfortunately, I’m not in the habit of keeping cash with me and I only had RM2 in my wallet at the time. I gave that to the child, saying that I did not have enough to purchase the mangoes worth RM5, so she could keep the money for herself.

“I assume that her parents may have gone to another traffic light area where the other sibling might’ve been selling fruits as well, but I’m not entirely sure. Thank you to everyone who messaged and called me offering to help the child. Insyallah if I come across her again, I will inform you all,” she said.

@deylahabib94 Replying to @oloblob jumpa suda adik tuu.. Stelah mncarii dkt sejam😅 #fyp #foryoupage #fypdongggggggg #xyzcba ♬ Ambient-style emotional piano – MoppySound

Watch here if the video doesn’t load.

To the delight of netizens, Deyla kept to her promise.

The kind TikToker returned to the traffic light area where she found the girl once again, along with her brother this time.

“This is Nadia and her brother. To whoever wants to help out, you can do it through me now,” she says, as the video concludes with her gesturing a finger heart, reciprocated by the kids.

Deyla regularly visits them to ensure their welfare and wellbeing. Via a comment under one of the videos, she also confirmed that the children did have a place to stay, but could definitely use some aid from the public, who are encouraged to contact Deyla on Whatsapp for inquiries or to find out what they can do to help.

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