Netizens Back-Up GSC Admin Over Individual’s Boasting Of Watching A Pirated ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie

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Due to the pandemic, many cinema chains across the nation have suffered drastically as most of them have been forced to cease all operations in order to curb the rising case numbers of the virus. Therefore, this act has officially stripped the public of their privilege of watching the latest films, leaving them to pirated websites to keep up.

Recently, a GSC admin was at their wit’s end and went on a little rampage via a Facebook post when an individual had sent him a message of him watching the latest Wonder Woman 1984 movie.

“It’s not safe to go out”
“Why pay when you can watch it for free”
“Accept it piracy will always be there no matter how…

Posted by GSC on Tuesday, December 29, 2020

In the message, the individual wrote I (watched “Wonder Woman 1984”) HD quality in my house” followed by an image of the movie playing on the individual’s television set.

This had caused the particular admin to call the user out and highlight how the act of piracy is wrong.

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The act of piracy is intolerable in theatre etiquette considering that these mega cinema chains make a profit out of displaying movies. Pirating is not only disrespecting their business, but the hard work of the cast and crew of the movie who have poured their hearts and souls into making it happen.

The post also highlighted the individual’s behaviour of boasting and stated if someone had made a mistake, would they go out of their way to inform the whole world about it?

Apart from that, many netizens have also continued to show their full-blown support on the comments, stating their own opinions that proudly supporting piracy is wrong and expressed that education of this matter is well needed for the public as many movies and TV shows have already been spoiled due to pirate websites.

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(Source: GSC Facebook)

Although it is impossible to stop everyone from pirating movies before it’s being shown in cinemas, it’s essential to just remind and remember to respect the movie industry.

Cinemas need our support during these trying times, the least we can do is understand the tough situation that they are going through.