Will This Be The End Of An Era? Netflix Will Put An End To Password Sharing In 2023

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source: How-To Geek

Most of us started using Netflix because a family member or a friend offered to share their password with us – or maybe we begged them to. Either way, password sharing led to the boom of Netflix – especially over the pandemic where a “Netflix party” was the only way to hangout. 

However, Netflix will be putting an end to that soon.

source: Mashable

Password sharing was recognised by Netflix Inc. researchers as a significant issue reducing memberships in 2019, but the company was unsure of how to solve it without alienating customers. 

Now that the pandemic has started ease, Netflix has decided to put that thought into action. 

Netflix has stated that it would stop this arrangement and start charging those who share accounts as of 2023.

source: What Hi-Fi?

With 223 million global customers and a market worth of nearly $128 billion, Netflix is the industry leader in streaming video and the first to address password sharing. However, investors and media executives predict that it won’t be the last. 

Other streaming competitors also suffer losses, and as time goes on, the need to turn a profit and expand services like Disney+, HBO Max, and Paramount+ may force competitors to seriously consider password sharing.

source: Netflix Help Center

As of now, Netflix has been running tests in Latin American countries where password sharing is most prevalent. In those tests, Netflix lets subscribers pay to share accounts with up to two people outside of their homes.

However, a significant issue for Netflix is distinguishing between when an account holder is travelling and accessing the service from a different location, such as a second home or hotel, and when another person is borrowing their password.

It seems that there still needs to be a lot of tests to be run and ground rules to be set before Netflix can put an end to password sharing next year.