Netflix & Chill with These JUICE-Approved Shows & Movies

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What constitutes a good show? A ton of viewership, of course. But sometimes, the best things in life require a little digging, and we’ve got a few gems (both old and new) to share if you’re running out of things to binge-watch this weekend.

So slip into something comfortable, make sure your Netflix trial hasn’t ended, and put your settings on HD, cause the JUICE team has got some pretty solid recommendations on everyone’s favourite streaming platform.


What we all know now as criminal psychology, was a difficult thing to tap into during the late ‘70s. Mindhunter follows the journey of two FBI agents – Holden Ford and Bill Tench from the behavioural science department – who coined the term ‘serial killer’ (and its precursor, ‘sequence killer’) by studying the recurring patterns of America’s most brutal killers at the time. Mindhunter is built on character development and heavy dialogue; watch it for the insanely good actors who are carbon copies of the real criminals, as well as the tension that arises purely from the stellar acting. Plus, it’s our Editor #AOM’s choice, so why not give it a try?

The Babysitter

JUICE Intern Karissa describes The Babysitter as a millennial suburban thriller, though bear in mind that it’s more bizarre than you think. So, if you want a movie that requires little thinking and a lot of ‘wtf moments’, then this teen horror-comedy is your choice for the night. It all started with 12-year-old Cole and his seemingly badass babysitter Bee, until things go awry when he discovers Bee isn’t who she claims to be. Samara Weaving plays the blonde bombshell of a babysitter every pubescent boy would dream of, but not until we discover that she’s a witch who makes human sacrifices in the homes of her employers, y’know?

Breaking Bad

Long story cut short – cause a lot of y’all are already fans – Walter White is an intelligent high school chemistry teacher who started selling (and making) meth to make ends meet after a life-threatening cancer diagnosis. So (1) drugs are bad for you, (2) selling drugs will get you in trouble with the cartel, and (3) wealth makes you greedy. I had a bad Netflix hangover after watching Breaking Bad because after five eventful seasons, the characters still stayed in my mind. There are so many alternatives to the show’s ending that you can’t stop thinking about what Walt should’ve done to make things different, so get ready to be emotionally invested if you’re planning on starting the show.

Terrace House

Suggested by Editorial Director Ben, Terrace House follows the lives of six young and attractive individuals who meet as strangers in a beautiful house. The Japanese reality TV series doesn’t have a theme or direction to it (you’re watching nothing basically), but the way the show unfolds to showcase the banality of everyday life will keep you hooked anyway. Nothing scandalous and dramatic happens here though (sorry fans of Big Brother and Keeping Up with the Kardashians), yet there’s something fascinating about the conversations and happenings that surround six guys and girls who’ve never met before. It’s like being there with them, but more intimately through the hidden cameras.

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father

In the words of Senior Content Creator Rathika herself, “British comedian Jack Whitehall (who is well into his late 20s) plans an overdue gap year experience to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia with his 77-year-old father. Together, they explore Thailand’s ‘Luk Thep’ doll culture, a slap massage, eating snake calamari, and a full moon party. True joy is watching a 77-year-old man experience a full moon party.” Okay, sounds like we all gotta learn how to cherish the time we have left with our old folks before it’s too late.

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