#NegaraKru Reminds Us of All The Things We Love About Malaysia

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(Source: Siti Sarah Raissuddin for #NegaraKru)

Election fever is heating up and despite all the tension, now is the season where unification between Malaysians is evident both on social media and in real life, proving that our camaraderie goes far beyond our differing political beliefs.

However, online is where fake news and cyber bullying occur, hence the recent launch of ‘Spread Truth Not Lies’ ­– a campaign spearheaded by celebrities. The impact of criticism on the Internet also makes us question our significance on social media among the presence of millions of users.

With this negativity and climate of fear on the digital space, celebrities and social media influencers like Caprice, Marsha Milan, Izzue Islam and more took to a series of videos on YouTube called #NegaraKru to spread positive vibes and remind us of all the things we love about Malaysia, the place we all call home.

The #NegaraKru campaign videos talks about the importance of voting, while highlighting the contributions made by these talented individuals who come from different states and various walks of life. Here are a few things that make Malaysia truly “tanah tumpahnya darahku”:

Our harmony is what makes us special

We can’t talk about Malaysia without talking about it being a melting pot of culture, that was the main message presented in the story of Dr. Ibrahim Shah, a dentist who shares his pride of being a part of such a nation so diverse that we constantly refer to our mixed and ambiguous heritage as ‘rojak’.

Emerging young talents are being nurtured

Just like every budding talent, Adly Aizad never expected to be an Internet sensation on Instagram. Known for his landscape photography that showcases the country’s magnificent beauty, Aizad talks about his local pride and the country’s development, things that make him glad to be a part of Malaysia.

Faiz Dickie is another social media influencer who acknowledges the fun and bright side of the Internet, encouraging users to log in with the right intentions. With an impressive follower count of 619k on Instagram, Dickie spreads joy and laughter through his short but creative videos.

Women’s role in society will be elevated to greater heights

2018 is the year to empower women, according to the 2018 Budget as announced by the government. Carmen Meldan, a young entrepreneur from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, shares the benefit of this brand new initiative, which aims to emphasise and recognise the importance of women’s rights in Malaysia.

Join #NegaraKru in spreading positive vibes and make sure to cast a vote this coming election!

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