Need a Place to Rent? These Apps Could Help You

We know you’re stressed out looking high and low for a place to rent. All you want in life is a safe, adequately furnished, and reasonably priced residence to call home. The common problem is that when the rent is cheap, the place is super dodgy but when it’s nice, oh lord, even your pay cheque is repenting.

That is if you found a property in the first place. It’s pretty old-school that most us still drive around for hours looking and jotting down numbers on gates or walls, hoping that the place is the one. Which it usually isn’t, so you end up renting the least worst place and there’s nothing you can do about it. But do not worry, it’s 2017, y’all. Of course we have apps and services for finding your perfect rental home.


This app promises an uncomplicated and fuss-free renting process to not only its tenants but for landlords as well. To make it safer, MyRent is linked to Facebook as a security measure, which means you could check through the details of potential landlords. Another nice touch is that we can skip the middleman and deal directly with the landlord. Obviously, this helps us save our time and energy.


Another app that indulges in throwing away the middleman. This is a tool for landlords that empowers them to get rid of the costly brokerage layer. Speedrent help eliminate the hassle of interacting with property agents, which makes the platform much easier, cheaper, and often quicker.


Now if you are particular with things, then this app if for you. Roomly uses a matchmaking mechanism that helps you find the right property. Just fill up your preferences, and the app will do the work and find a place for you. This app also lets you talk directly to the landlord if you have any questions regarding the place.

Let A Room

Besides apps, Let A Room is a service website that could help you out. A project by AsiaPartTime, this simple interface website gives you the opportunity to be as specific as you want. You could even narrow down your room search by choosing room types that vary from apartments to houses. Here’s the link to the website.


Lastly, iBilik is one of the most popular service websites as it has a full and wide-range list of places to rent. Just like booking a hotel, you can check out extra photos of any room and read their highly useful descriptions. This site also has an option for when you want to book a place – resorts or homestays – for a short period of time. Check out their website here.

It’s such a relief to be reading this list. To help you relax a bit more, here’s some pictures of cats kicking ass.