Ne-Yo’s The Year Of The Gentleman Tour @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

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Organizers and fans must have held their breaths til the moment Ne-Yo physically stepped on Malaysian soil. Yes! The self proclaimed Gentleman made it on to our shores! With Ne-Yo being a super producer, dancer and artist in his own right, he would definitely have the goods to bring it to Malaysian fans – and Ne-Yo does have a string load of Top 40 hits under his belt. After donning the right clothing and arming myself with a fan and some Evian mist spray (it was helluva humid last night) I was ready to brave the gazillions who have come to show their love for the one and only Ne-Yo.

Everyone was just as excited to see the opening act – at least the people I knew were. It is jazz songstress Najwa man! Show some love. This girl had the blow pipes and the presence that filled up the stage.  She even gave goosebumps to some of the people who were watching her performance (I asked). Real talent does that you. Shiver me timbers.

After the prerequisite announcement, sponsor shout outs from Fly FM DJs Hafiz and Prem and then a short sound check, the great Ne-Yo appeared onto stage and boy did he sound good live when he opened with ‘Because Of You’. He brought in quite an entourage as he had a 6 piece band and 6 back up dancers behind him. Another addition was his protege Jadyn Maria whom is his 1st artist to be signed under Ne-Yo’s label. When Jadyn came up on stage everyone looked puzzled until she sang her hit single ‘Good Girls Like Bad Boys’ that made everyone go “Oh, she sang that song isit?”

Ne-Yo continued the night entertaining the crowd with a mix of his famous and not so familiar tracks like ‘So Sick’ (the crowd went berserk) and ‘Go On Girl’. He even had time to sing a medley of songs he’s written of other artists that started with Beyonce’s ‘Irreplaceable’, Rihanna’s ‘Take A Bow’, Mario’s ‘Let Me Love You’ and then ending with Jennifer Hudson’s ‘Spotlight’. The night ended with tracks ‘Miss Independent’ and ‘Closer’ with fans screaming for more, more, more.

Ne-Yo might have not been my cup of tea, but with his amazing showmanship, vocals and humour, he ended the night with more fans than when the concert started.

Ne-Yo’s ‘The Year Of The Gentleman’ Tour was held at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach on 7 January 2010. Check out the rest of the pics in our Gallery!

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