Nas and Kelis Divorcing?

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JUICE simply can not believe this. They ‘re our generation’s Bonnie & Clyde (no, not Jay-Z and Beyonce, they don’t even come close). Kelis’ representative has confirmed that she has filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. Yes, we watch too much E! News….

The royal hip hop couple will be no more if the divorce goes through even though they are expecting a baby. Kelis Rogers is 7 months pregnant as reported in Vibe magazine. Nas and Kelis met in 2002 at the MTV Video Music Awards afterparty. The party hosted by hip hop mogul P Diddy hooked the 2 up and after 2 years they got married in Atlanta. The 2 collaborated on Kelis’ single ‘In Public’ and ‘Blindfold Me’.

News from Bossip has it that a sex tape featuring Kelis and another rapper is the cause of the couple’s marital troubles. It was filmed prior to their marriage, but it seems Nas’ feeling (ego?) were hurt. Geez.

Looks like Little Nas Jr. will have a great story to share when he gets older. “I was conceived, but my parents put the brakes on their marriage because my ma made a sex tape and my pop went crazy mad because he wasn’t in it.” Sounds just as good as any other Tinseltown relationship story. Hey, at least he knows he was no mistake.

In the meantime, Kelis is set to be working with Annie Lennox on a duet for the Eurythmics’ new album due to be released in November. Pink, Mary J Blige and Madonna are also to appear on the album. You just go on, girl!