Nao + Citizens Of Ice Cream Invade Taipei

It’s a sign of good things to come for our local musicians. In the last week or so, JUICE got word that Flop Poppy was heading down under for a tour, while Estranged was going up north to rock out Taiwan’s Ho Hai Yan Rock Festival. Now 2 more bands from the local Chinese music scene will be headed to the the island to play the Music Terminals Festival 2009. Nao and Citizens Of Ice Cream (COIC) will be joining international artists including Placebo, Tricky, Frente!, Radio Department, The Raveonettes, Chicks On Speed, Mick Turner of Dirty Three, Liz Durrette, Car Sick Cars and many more at the 2-day festival scheduled to take will take place at Tao Yuan Stadium, Taipei.

Having recently performed at Sunburst and Urbanscapes, prog punkers Nao are looking forward to putting yet up another great performance at the festival. The trio are scheduled to play at the Terminal 2 stage on August 1.

“We’ve always wanted to go to Taiwan, having played at the Midi Festival in Beijing 2 years ago, this is by far the biggest festival we are going to take part in,” said Tat, Nao’s guitarist. “I can’t wait to showcase our music to the Taiwan people, it’s gonna be fun”.

Keeping Nao company on the long flight over there are the newly reformed COIC. Currently recording their latest full-length album, the post-rock quartet will be making their 1st international appearance at the Terminal 3 stage on August 2.

Keyboardist Phang has revealed that COIC is currently working on new material which will be very different from that featured on their previously released EP. He also added, “Since we are now a semi-electronic outfit, a lot of practice and fine-tuning needs to be done, but so far things are looking good, we are really optimistic about our new sound”.

In addition to the 2 bands, 3 local electronic artists Rainf, Silent Keat and Forbiddenculture will also be making us proud. Rainf and Silent Keat will be supporting COIC and Nao at the festival, and will be performing with Forbiddenculture at Taipei and Taichung City.

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Images Ricky Sow