My iPod Talks!

Man, technology is beyond us. Now Apple introduces us to this 1.8″ tall x 0.3″ thin iPod Shuffle. The new 4GB iPod Shuffle features a VoiceOver that tells you the name of the song, artist, or playlist. Just by pressing a button, The VoiceOver feature will tell you the title and the artist without having to interrupt your current music.

The older generation of iPod Shuffles only play music on ‘shuffle’ mode, but this new baby allows you to choose your playlists made in iTunes so you can sync your music according to your mood. Awesome, isn’t it? The new iPod Shuffle is only available in 4GB flash drive for now, this holds up to 1,000 songs. Oh, and it communicates in 14 languages. Woweewoweewow!

Ooh, we want one too!

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