Mutant Mayhem Halloween Eve @ Heritage Mansion

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Let’s get something straight, I hate costume parties. Like Harvey Pekar in American Splendor I often ask “Why can’t I go as myself?” Well personal party pooping aside, there are a lot of people who actually look forward to Halloween – that one day in the year where they can put on their ghoulish alter-egos for fun. And from the scene at Heritage Mansion last Friday, it seemed as though all these people were gathered at the same place.

They were definitely an “up-for-it” crowd. One guy actually came as the Digi Yellow Man and couple of dudes came as Power Rangers. Some girls, of course, took the opportunity to up the sexy and came in maid, nurse and goth outfits. Others spotted were Darth Vader, a race car driver and the cutest small-person in the world (all of them are in our gallery btw).

It had also been a while since I went to Heritage Mansion, and this is probably the fullest I’ve ever seen the place. The dancefloor inside was packed with darklings in party mode. But that’s probably because Mixing In Action (MIA) was spinning their pumping brand of fidget, electro and indie dance.

However, the main reason for the party was to introduce a brand new DJ collective called We Are Mutants. Harith, Hackeem, Mathias and Connor make up the awesome foursome who take pointers from the likes of Crookers, Soulwax, Justice and Major Lazer.

Musically, it was a great night with Hackeem and Connor warming up the crowd of undead before MIA shook things up for the better part of the night. Harith and Mathias closed the set and the energy was still brilliant at the end. I could very well see Lapsap, TAG, MIA and We Are Mutants all come together under one roof for some major electro-indie-whatchumacallit festival. Imagine the crowds that would come – MIA and We Are Mutants have a strong international school kids following, Lapsap has the freaks and TAG, well, has the jaded rockers and rempits. It would be awesome I’m telling you!

Being the restless creative DJs they are, We Are Mutants got Ms Mawk from Bulubulu Studios to design a special pair of Vans shoes with their mutant imagery on it for the best dressed guy and girl that night. I didn’t get to see the shoes or the best dressed couple though because it was way too packed when the announcement was made.

I left a little later to find a black cat to skin. Costume parties are still not my thing, but what the heck? You only die once right?

Mutant Mayhem went down at Heritage Mansion on 30 October 2009. Behold the unholy fun at our gallery. For more on We Are Mutants, join their Facebook group or follow them on twitter.