Music Is Like A Box Of Colour Pencils

Bandung’s foremost indie jazz quartet Mocca, will be releasing their 3rd and latest album Colours in Malaysia this November. Although Colours was originally released in Indonesia in 2007, this is the 1st time the album hits our shores. JUICE was lucky enough to get a promo copy of this quirkily-designed CD.

When it initially landed on our desk, we have to admit, we were somewhat confused. Unless someone somewhere was making some sly reference to the Indie Coloring Book Miranda wrote about, wouldn’t colouring pencils usually be sent to some kids mag like Kuntum or K-Zone for testing? Turns out not. Instead this is just great packaging for an equally gorgeous album.

Beautifully packaged and designed to look like a colour pencil box, Mocca’s Colours CD can be pulled out and its case can be propped up and displayed on your shelf or beside your bed. This cute design befits the band’s music which is bittersweet and sunny to say the least. With confused-girl-next-door lyrics over smoothed-out jazzy numbers and a cover of Bjork’s ‘Hyber-Ballad’, this album is going to be a collectible both for the music and design fans!

Lookout for Mocca’s album review in our November issue and also online in our music section. Check out Mocca’s myspace at

Images Euseng Seto