Music Go Music: Expressions (Secretly Canadian)

Expressions the debut album by Music Go Music combines all the best elements of 70s disco pop, giving it a modern facelift resulting in genre-bending overtones of soft rock, prog and even metal.

Bizarre as that may sound, the 3-piece LA-based band who go by such pseudonyms as Kamer Maza, Gala Bell and the space-barbarian-like Torg, are actually quite the songwriters. Soaring feel-good melodies and pulsating choruses tie each song together regardless of the number of over-dramatic synth/piano stabs and guitar passages.

The band also explores epic territory with a 9-minute plus dark-disco ballad on ‘Warm In The Shadows’. Think Blondie gone metal then, realising that they’d strayed from the light, returning to “feel-the-love”. Yes, it’s that kooky.

Listen to: ‘Light of Love’
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