Muse Goes Dubstep?

Muse released a trailer for their next studio album The 2nd Law, which to our surprise, sounds a little dubsteppy. We’re concerned that our favourite supermassive rock band that brought us Origin of Symmetry and Black Holes and Revelations had decided to make music that sounds like 2 fax machines making love.

Maybe we’re overreacting a little here. It was only 2 minutes and we don’t even know if what we heard is part of the album. Maybe what we heard is just a sample of the start of the album before it kicks into the real stuff. And they’re probably just trolling us.

But we’re optimistic, the anger in the trailer is fantastic. The trailer features a compilation of news footage over a musical backdrop before morphing into a full-on dubstep track.  The trailer ends with the words ‘The 2nd Law’ and ‘September 2012’ being shown as the music fades out.

Also, just in case you haven’t heard, the track ‘Survival’ from Muse’s The 2nd Law album is the official song for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Get to Muse’s official website for more information of Muse’s next album, click here.