Multi-talented Melissa Lin

27 year old Melissa Lin started like any other kid- colouring books and drawing mermaids with her mom. She aspired to be a drummer for a grunge band, but eventually ended up writing melancholic poetry; Melissa started drawing as a means of complementing her poems. This continued until she met Demetrius Polyzos, a Greek artist she met in Melbourne. Demetrius shared stories with her about art, for hours every other day and urged her to try her hand at painting. After admitting she was miserable at her office job working for an NGO, Melissa moved to KL and made art her bread and butter.

The Bachelor degree holder in Art, Literature from Deakin University, Melbourne, tod JUICE that her first art project was a labour of love, involving punk rock and hardcore record store called Basement Records in Singapore. After toiling over a murals with her friend bestowing her weird characters and obsessive  details for two weeks, the store closed down. Since then the unassuming artist has been luckier with work, getting involved in the Rantai Art Festival, Lost Generation Space, Not That Balai and Bangun Abandon Project.

Melissa or Mel, lists inspiration or favourite topics for her work as “New World Order, conspiracy theories, Ethnogenics, the holographic universe, self and consciousness. Whew! The cat lover (Mel has 7) said her proudest moment as an artist was being invited by artist and curator Hanim Khairuddin to join her at the international Artist Exchange in Yangdon, Burma.

Mel is a big music fan and DJs for fun, but beyond the armchair – her tracks are played on the artistically overachieving lass also blogs. Her blog name in was inspired by Charles Bukowski poem title ‘On The Fire Suicides of the Buddhists’.

Mel is currently 1 of 3 artists who calls themselves ZeroPoint. Next exhibiting their work at the KL Design Week 09 under the Independent Artist/Designer group, ZeroPoint was “created for the group’s common interest in exploring unsual manifestation of life, art and music.” united the 3 artists dabble in various mediums including fine art, writing, design, comics and illustration on each individual journey.

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