Mulo Incites a Robot Riot

source: Mulo

Text The New Forward

Just from his nickname Mulodesu gives you an immediate hint of this illustrator’s manga influence. Mulo who is based in Johor Bahru is most known for his manga-styled illustrations with a vivid burst of colours, occasionaly adding some local flair to it. Sometimes you see nusantara warriors and kapcai bikes appearing in his illustrations.

In his robotomon series, he lets loose his long standing desire to design illustrative toys of the mecha kind. By standardising the robotomon’s physicality across the board, Mulo took on the challenge of individualising each of them purely with graphical design.

Using pop culture references that range from DC comic book characters, to the Malaysian firefighers’ uniform, and even the Turtle School Uniform from Dragon Ball. Lined up together, the robotomon look like a privatised military line of defence of a not so distant future.

source: Mulo

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