MTV World Stage 2011

Over 15 000 fans had the time of their lives at the biggest concert of the year, MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia, held at the bright and colourful i-City, Shah Alam. With BEAST, Neon Trees and Thirty Seconds To Mars, it wasn’t a surprise when the crowds turned up as early as 3pm to get the best view.

Images MTV World Stage

MTV VJs Utt and Holly welcomed the thousands of live music fans before local band Pop Shuvit took the stage and officially kicked off MTV’s highly anticipated annual concert event with  ‘Ol Skool Rocka.’ The song that got the crowd pumped up the most was the band’s popular hit ‘Mara Bahaya’, with its fast tempo and chugging guitar riffs.

K-pop fans attended the concert in huge numbers again this year and made their presence known when BEAST (Boys of East Standing Tall) took the stage. Dressed in all white, BEAST opened their set with ‘Shock’ then went straight into their hits ‘Fiction’ and ‘When It Rains.’ After a brief video interlude and costume-change the boys returned to the stage for a few more songs before concluding their set with massive hit single ‘Beautiful.’ All in, they looked good but we were rather disappointed with their lip-syncing during their faster songs.

Neon Trees made their live stage debut in Malaysia memorable with lead singer Tyler Glenn’s fierce stage presence, performing hits like ‘Your Surrender,’ ‘In The Next Room,’ ‘1983,’ ‘Love and Affection,’ and ‘Sins of My Youth.’ The quartet concluded their set with their number one single, ‘Animal,’ an obvious favourite amongst the Malaysian fans, who went wild and sang along the chorus.

Thirty Seconds to Mars took the stage next and it’s clear that these guys were what the crowd wanted to see all night long. The massive crowd erupted in cheers as the band kicked off their set with ‘Escape,’ the lead track on their latest studio album This Is War. The crowd moshed, jumped and screamed along every lyric of the band’s hits like ‘A Beautiful Lie,’ ‘Attack,’ ‘Search and Destroy,’ as well as the antemic ‘This Is War’ and ‘Vox Populi’. Jared’s vocals were spine chilling and beautiful as he performed acoustic versions of ‘The Kill’ and ‘Hurricane’. Vocalist Jared Leto, lead guitarist Tomo Milicevic and drummer Shannon Leto brought the audience to an all new level of high with ‘Closer to the Edge’ and left the stage soon after. Of course, no 30 Seconds to Mars concert would end without screams for an encore. The night truly belonged to the band as the entire crowd started chanting to their first single from This Is War. Much to the delight of the crowd, the band returned to the stage for their encore song ‘Kings and Queens’.

As Jared invited excited fans to come up on stage for their encore, chaos ensued. Excited fans rushed from the side areas towards the barricades and attempted to jump over, but some were subdued by security. A young man was even savagely roughed-up by a security guard when he tried to jump over the barricade closest to the stage, forcing the others to head to the moshpit area instead. After the initial scare faded, nothing could deter the diehard fans from chanting the epic lines of “We are the kings and queens of promise”. As the perfect wrap to an amazing night of live music, explosions of confetti and fireworks lit up the night with Jared belting out the last line of the epic anthem.

This year’s MTV World Stage Live in KL marked the third time Malaysia played host and judging by the resounding support of those who attended, we might be looking for more concerts by MTV in the near future.

A two-hour version of MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2011, the first ever to be shot in 3D in Asia, will premiere on Monday 8 August at midnight on MTV SEA (Astro Channel 713). For more info about MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia, visit