MTV World Stage 2010 @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

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Fans had a hard time looking out for that bee and butt-naked Junior at the MTV Worldstage 2010 website to win passes and now their efforts have finally paid off. About 15,000 peeps turned up to catch this internationally-recognised event featuring local rock band Bunkface, South Korean pop sensation Wonder Girls, explosive German rock stars Tokio Hotel and Katy Perry representing California. Woot!

The concert goers were driven into a frenzy of excitement before they were even allowed to enter the venue. Fans started queuing early afternoon under the snarling, ferociously hot sun but nothing seems to melt down their rock-hard determination to get as close as possible to the stage and their favourite stars. Crews were giving out ponchos and plastic hand fans which we thought are very good investments (way much better than those annoying inflatable cheering sticks), since it was raining most of the time throughout the concert. Kudos for the giveaways!

MTV Worldstage 2010 was hosted by 4 talented VJs; they are VJ Utt from Thailand, VJ Juju from China, VJ Sean from Korea and VJ Chris from Japan. The audience cheered as the VJs greet them in their respective mother tongue (except for Utt). Throughout the concert they kept the crowd entertained and gave away plenty of goodies. We were hanging at the ‘VVIP Island’, which was an elevated platform complete with curtains, cushions and refreshments under beautifully decorated canopies. But the VIP area was a little disappointing though. Albeit spared from squeezing in with the packed audience, VIPs were practically blocked behind metal fences far from the stage with a crappy view. We reckon the express tickets winners were more fortunate being in the exclusive area right in front of the stage, having all the fun while the VIPs are stuck at the back close to the VVIPs, minus all their privileges.

The crowd went hysterical with the sight of local act Bunkface on stage. The punk rockers kicked the show with ‘Bunk Anthem’ taken from their latest album, Phobia Phoney. They did a great job keeping the crowd moving especially to the song ‘Through My Window’, which many of them waved and sang along to. But it’s a shame that only half of the audience was there to witness their awesome performance, they’re probably delayed by the rain. A big boo at the weather!

People started to fill up the venue half an hour later, when the curtains pulled away revealing the Wonder Girls all locked up in cages, then tore their way out of the bars! The girls strut their sexy dance moves to a couple of tunes and of course, thier hit single ‘Nobody’ in sparkling outfits. These girls sure know how to tease; they took off their jackets performing ‘So Hot’ and took the crowd off their sanity. Fireworks blasted out from the end of their electric guitars during ‘Two Different Tears’ and blew the crowd away while they performed the rock version of ‘Nobody’. Hello K-Pop!

MTV VJ Hunt was then announced. Holly Grabarek from Singapore was crowned the new VJ for MTV Asia during the one-hour-long wait before Tokio Hotel conquered the stage next. It was massive! Bill Kaulitz was elevated from under the stage dressed in a futuristic jacket with large spikes sticking out on the sleeves, which he ripped off and drove the crowd wild (and of course, he had another shirt underneath). No offense but there’s something in Bill’s new look that says “I’m here for your entertainment”. Hello Adam Lambert!

Another hour passed and the wait is starting to wear us off. Then Katy Perry appeared on a giant banana split making a shout out to the ‘California Girls’! Surrounded by candies, cupcakes and strawberries; Katy was wearing a tutu in a glittering soft pink outfit paired with ballet pumps. The first word that came to mind was… conservative! I expected that she would pop out of a giant fruit in a bikini but to our surprise, she pulled off a great show in that shimmering outfit. She shouted out loud ‘I Kissed A Girl’ before going into it; which probably came from the frustration towards the local media censorship for that song. I thought ‘Peacock’ was just another crazy idea of hers but she proved us wrong when she went, “I wanna see your Peacock, cock, cock!” and the crowd screamed for more. Katy wowed her fans when she took the colours away from the giant screen performing her last song ‘Hot N Cold’. Enormous beach balls were released, which was a pretty bad idea and made their way to the stage blocking out everyone’s view. Even the camera couldn’t catch the footage and we heard Katy shouting, “Can you see me?!” She climbed up the scaffold and the crowd went euphoric as all props on stage get knocked down by the beach balls which looked like a huge mess all the way from the back (VIP area, remember?). I wonder who got that giant cupcake and cherry she threw to the crowd?

The organisers announced that the Wonder Girls were coming back on stage in 5 minutes time, which went on to almost half an hour. More than half the crowd left because they were too damn exhausted by the wait and the weather. Wonder Girls’ die-hard-fans hopped in joy when the girls appear in the same sparkling outfit and performed ‘Nobody’ once more, marking the end of MTV Worldstage 2010.

There’s definitely a lot of room for improvement in the sense of timing, better trafficking at the exit and a better VIP area. Despite it all, the concert was electrifying. Thumbs up on the beautiful visuals and performancers for putting on an astounding show for all of us at the MTV Worldstage 2010!

Peeps thrashed their way into MTV World Stage 2010 and had a blast on 31 July 2010 at the drained Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. See pictures of performances here. Visit for more MTV goodness.

Images MTV + Yeni Chan