All Aboard! M’sians Can Enjoy Train Rides To Thailand From Padang Besar For Under RM7 As Of 15 July

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source: KTM Berhad

If you reluctantly crossed Thailand off your travel list when the shuttle train service was closed 2 years ago following the global pandemic, we have some good news for you.

KTM Berhad confirmed today that The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) Hat Yai-Padang Besar Shuttle Train will be up and running once again on Friday (July 15).

Since its closure on 18 March 2020, Malaysians and Thai nationals alike have been anticipating the reopening of this popular and convenient means of travel.

Apart from being an indication of recovery from the adverse effects of the Covid-19 outbreak, this pleasant surprise may also mark the comeback of Thailand’s bustling tourism sector.

Furthermore, the service is quick and easy on the wallet as well.

Check out the schedule here if you don’t believe us:

source: KTM Berhad

The train from Hat Yai back to Padang Besar also takes roughly an hour between departure and arrival, and the tickets for both trains cost only 50 Baht (RM6.12) each!

source: KTM Berhad

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that commuters cannot realistically anticipate a first-class, air-conditioned journey. The train is not new and only provides for a certain quantity of passengers.

Also, there is no rail link from Malaysia to Thailand directly. This means that travellers must get down at the terminal from Padang Besar and have their necessary documents verified at the Thai immigration checkpoint.

Thereafter, another shuttle train or other modes of transportation such as a bus, minivan, taxi or may be boarded to travel to Hat Yai.

Travellers can either enjoy their stay at the Southern city or opt for another trip further into the country, either by road or air. For example, individuals aiming to visit Bangkok may need to board a flight to reach their travel destination in a timely manner.

As for Malaysians who require transport to Padang Besar from within the country, the ETS or KTM Komuter are popular choices for hassle-free travel.

To book your tickets to travel to Hat Yai, visit the SRT’s website.

For more information, refer to RailTravel Station, a travel blog for Singapore, Malaysia and other ASEAN nations.

Remember to book your tickets and prepare for the trip in advance to ensure a smooth, unruffled journey!

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