M’sian Artist Decks Adidas Store at Pavilion in Batik Design & It Looks Cool AF!

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Last weekend, Malaysian graphic designer Jaemy Choong debuted his collaboration with Adidas as he shared images of the brand’s new flagship store decked out in his batik designs at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

The Adidas Originals flagship store wanted to embody a global brand yet stay relevant to locals at the same time. That’s where Jaemy stepped in to interpret the brand from a local’s point-of-view. Thus, giving the interior and exterior fixtures a Malaysian twist!

The designs feature Jaemy’s unique calligraphy technique integrated into a floral design on Adidas’ logo. It was mainly showcased on a large carpet and a wall piece.

Check it out:



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According to Pamper MY, the 35-year-old got his inspiration from Malaysia’s traditional Batik craft, where he incorporates the beautiful floral elements to design the wau bulan. With his signature “traditional meets modern” concept and intricate calligraphy brush technique, Jaemy mashes authentic Malaysian culture with the brand’s Originals elements.

On Jaemy’s work-Instagram account, he stated that, “It was a challenge for me to get lots of elements in the design right in terms of how I wanted people to feel/react when they see it, and when I saw it lit up at the cash desk as I walked in for the store opening yesterday, I just knew it was something really really special.”

(source: Adidas Video)

As for the massive batik rug, he refers to it as a “red carpet” and can’t wait to see art-lovers spotting all the Malaysian easter eggs on it.

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