M’sia’s “Rocky Balboa” Sends Free Food To 50 Impoverished Families Every Day

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Source: FMT

59-year-old R Vairavasundaram who was once known as Malaysia’s very own “Rocky Balboa” for his remarkable achievements in martial arts, is now giving back to the society by helping less fortunate people.

Preferring to be called as Veera, the banana leaf restaurant owner uses his motorcycle to send out food for free to at least 50 families every day.

Ever since the MCO last year, his business has suffered like many others and he was forced to use his own savings to keep his restaurant alive.

Veera adds that there are at least 10 individuals who make consistent donations to help him prepare more food for the less fortunate.

Source: FMT

He also said that he saves extra food from nearby stalls like soy milk, potatoes and other unsold food from other food merchants.

Speaking to FMT, Veera said “One day, I saw a soy milk seller throwing away a big container of milk and when I asked why he said it was closing time.

“I told him that rather than throwing it away it would better for him to send it to me so I could send it to a nearby orphanage. It’s sad to see food being thrown away when people are in hunger.

“Now the soy milk seller and three other food merchants would call me when they have extra unsold food. I went to the stalls and gave my phone number so they could contact me in case they have leftovers.”

Source: FMT

For now, Veera only sends food in the Taman Free School area because he still needs to manage his restaurant with his 51-year-old wife, Rathina and their two daughters while they also shuffle between their part-time jobs.

Veera also spends his free time helping the homeless in George Town.

“I’m finding people to help me send more food to those who need it, besides donations for me to prepare more free food. If you have extra food, please send them to me.”

Source: FMT

His children, 24-year-old Priyanka and 21-year-old Kowsalya are also following his good samaritan footsteps.

Priyanka is one of three Malaysians who received the Diana Award from United Kingdom for her achievements in motivating and giving academic guidance to impoverished students.

Meanwhile Kowsalya helps her father in a self motivation programme called “Zero to Hero” where their mission is to prevent impoverished youths from being neglected. So far, the programme has helped more than 10,000 students.

Almost a decade ago, Veera (who was 49 at the time) beat his 22-year-old opponent from Thailand in a kickboxing championship held at the Pulau Pinang Festival.

Besides holding a black belt in karate, Veera also practises Chinese martial arts, san-shou, is a master in judo and has the ability to handle a katana.

Besides running his restaurant, Veera trains martial arts coaches and gives motivation speeches to less fortunate people.