Mr. Hudson: Straight No Chaser (Mercury)

When you roll with Kanye West, you’re a surefire big-hitter right? Not really. Despite the hype surrounding this release and the success of its first single ‘Supernova’, white British soul boy Benjamin Hudson McIldowie aka Mr Hudson falls short on this 2nd studio effort. To put it bluntly it’s like listening to Keane do r&b. Stand out tracks include ‘Paranoid’, ‘There Will Be Tears’ and ‘Everything Is Broken’ (featuring Kid Cudi) and bear all the hallmarks of a Kanye-approved auto-tune album but otherwise there’s not enough glue for this GOOD Music label signee to hold it together. It warms up upon repeat listens but you’re more likely to hit the “Next” button.

Listen to: ‘Stiff Upper Lip
If you like this you’ll dig: Kid Cudi, Kanye West
Rating: 2/5

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