Mou Man Tai with Tom, Dick and Harry!

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For the love of beer, round 2 of Tom, Dick & Harry’s Mou Man Tai 5km Night Run came back with a vengeance on 13 November. Bigger, stronger and evidently thirstier. For the benefit of the ignorant among us, mou man tai means “no problem” in Cantonese. Perhaps doctors weren’t present to warn against the dire effects of alcohol awash after working out. The reward of free-flow Carlsberg surely attracted 270 people to wreck a little havoc in TTDI on a pleasant Sunday evening.

In addition to beer sponsorship by Carlsberg, 7-11 had also generously provided the runners with AKTIF drinking water. For an extra boost to the finishing line, Nutrimalt energy drinks were also available at hand. Skateline, as one of TDH’s longtime partners were more than happy to sponsor gifts. Clad in bright orange t-shirts (clearly they were not being fashion conscious) declaring their undying love for a pub, it was the sheer collective power of the crowd’s “Mou Man Tai” spirit! Leaving sweaty trails after the run, happy smiles were all abound in the pub for well-deserved drinks.

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