Mother of 7 Children, Dr. Hidayah Completed Her PhD in 7 Years Despite Health Complications

In most situations, pursuing a postgraduate course can sometimes be mentally-draining and challenging especially if you have a family with kids or a full-time job.

The task to balance different priorities all at the same time can be tricky, which causes some postgraduate students to abandon their goals.

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However, fret not as “Mudah Siap Tesis“, an insightful and holistic kick start program seminar created by Dr Hj. Mohd Khairul Nizam bin Zainan Nazri, also known as Dr. Roket, has proven to be successful when it comes to lending a hand to struggling students undergoing a PhD.

This unique and impactful program caters to students who are having trouble focusing and coming up with ideas, students who lead stressful busy lives especially with family and lastly, students who have also been on the verge of quitting.

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So far, many successful stories of individuals who have taken up this programme have emerged. However, one out of the many inspiring stories that has caught our eye is from Dr. Hidayah Binti Ahmad Azam from Melaka.

Having majored in Doctorate Business Admin In Human Resources, Dr. Hidayah’s journey of obtaining her PhD has been rather challenging.

This is because on top of being a mother of seven children and one special child while dealing with countless health complications, she had to undergo seven years of arduous studies to complete her thesis.

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In a Youtube video, Dr. Hidayah explains that her hardship began when she was pregnant with her second child. She states that throughout her whole pregnancy up ’til her fifth child, she was feeling immensely stressed-out due to completing her thesis.

However, she still managed to pull through and complete her first semester of PhD and Haji when she was pregnant with her fourth child.

After enrolling in her second year, Dr. Hidayah was still hit with challenges along the way and this time, they were medically complicated.

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After giving birth to her fifth child, Dr. Hidayah had to undergo a Thyroid operation due to hormonal imbalance.

She also had an emergency cesarean during her sixth child who is autistic. Last but not least, she was diagnosed with placenta previa type 4 after the birth of her last child and was required to be admitted for three months.

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Throughout her stay in the hospital, Dr. Hidayah did not lose hope but instead continued to look on the bright side of things and worked on collecting data for her thesis.

“This was the only thing that I could do at the time being when I was admitted. I made friends with the nurses who treated me and even taught them a thing or two about Masters for those who were interested to pursue one,” she said.

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According to Dr. Hidayah in the Youtube video, she also explained that she first got to know Dr. Roket through a friend.

She also claims that she was at first hesitant of wanting to join The Dr Roket Platinum program, an exclusive mentoring and coaching program for Masters and PhD students.

However, after much support from her husband, she finally took the leap of faith and did not regret her experience from the tips and tricks learned during the program and the memories gained with other members too.

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Dr. Hidayah has personally gone through a lot of trials and tribulations.

Thus, a piece of advice when it comes to achieving your goals is not just working hard but also having a healthy mindset that you will be able to seize the day or any challenge that comes your way.

Holding the title of Malaysia’s No.1 Master and PhD strategist, Dr. Roket’s impactful thesis management program seminar is definitely the best place to go to lift your mood and energy from a mental block when it comes to completing your thesis.

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Focusing on 70% thesis management, 20% motivation and 10% spiritualism, the program boasts that individuals will be able to finish their thesis within 6 months through holistic strategies and formulas that have been proven to give excellent results.

So if you’re looking for a solution to solve your thesis, don’t throw away your passion about wanting to pursue your favourite course and subject just yet but instead join Dr. Roket’s Holistic Life-Academic Changing Program for a smooth journey to your Masters or PhD.

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