LISTEN: Trax Couture’s New Mixtape Features the Dystopian Club Deconstructionism of Malaysia’s Moslem Priest

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2017 is coming to an end and UK-based Trax Couture is not sending the year off without two things; an eccentric mixtape and a sick clothing line, both on the same day.

Trax Couture has recently released a dope and specially curated mixtape called The Whole World Series (TWWD), which includes our very own Moslem Priest as its opening track and also its 37th track.

Moslem Priest

Kudos to Trax Couture for bringing in that Malaysian flavour.

JUICE had an early copy of the entire mixtape prior to its release, listening to it with ears focused on Moslem Priest’s ‘Orbital Nomads’ featuring DJ Scriby, who’s also under Trax Couture specialising in the house genre, and ‘Fake Eyes’, which appears early in the 47-track-long mixtape’s last quarter.

‘Orbital Nomads’ is a very unusual one. It’s a dystopian-sounding track that starts off with strings in the background and fuzzy synths. A small interaction between two people begins (maybe DJ Scriby and Moslem Priest themselves?), discussing the state of music. We can hear tribal drums and maracas, which adds into the dystopian feel to remind us of a more primitive ambience when the world is doomed. The main body of the track is just a sample of someone echoing about being ahead of time, repeating “the future, yeah.” Much later into the mixtape, ‘Fake Eyes’ explores further the club deconstructionism that the Night Slugs acolyte had held onto since the beginning – here delving into the cyberpunk of the now via its intermingling of Vangelis-like ambience and synths with drum miscellanea of today’s post-club music.

Only natural, of course. After all, Moslem Priest is known to experiment with themes of dystopia in his music.

Moslem Priest (source: Red Bull)

TWWS also features underground music by 30 artistes from 6 continents with variations in sound and texture. Expect to come across genres from ambient, experimental electronica, to screwed boogie, dancehall, and dembow.

Trax Couture is a hybrid label of both music and fashion. Their artistes typically comprise of the underground sort, sometimes sounding like they belong in their own quirky, niche genres.

List of tracks on The Whole World Series (source: Trax Couture Facebook)

TWWS has something for everyone because of how diverse it is. Give it a listen, there’s bound to be a few trax you will like.

Stream the mixtape in its entirety below:

Purchase the mixtape here. Follow Trax Couture on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud.

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