Mos Def Releases Album On A T-Shirt

Releasing a new album on a t-shirt is very bizarre concept, don’t you think? JUICE thinks so.  Not a t-shirt that plays hip hop music, Mos Def recently have become the first major artist to endorse The Original Music Tee (TM), a line “that literally weds music and fashion”. There’s a picture of the album cover on the front, a tracklist on the back and a hang-tag of the MP3 download code for The Ecstatic on the tee. So no, it doesn’t literally play Mos Def’s album. Although that would be off the hook! The Mos Def Ecstatic shirt is being sold at $39, which is about RM137 after conversion. That’s 3 or 4 times more than the usual cost of a CD. Don’t worry, JUICE still loves Mos Def no matter what. Could he be releasing his next release on a hat? Who knows….

To keep you warm, this is Mos Def’s first single ‘Casa Bey’ from his new release The Ecstatic. And this is him spitting the single on the streets of Osaka, Japan.


Go check your ecstatic on hip hop star Mos Def’s site at now.

Source Guardian