Moonshine Anniversary


To the uninitiated, Moonshine Productions is an event company responsible for mostly acoustic shows — you might have heard of them from having attended Feedback Open Mic at The Bee, Publika and Moonshine: Spotlight at Laundry, The Curve on a monthly basis. Despite its name though, Moonshine has nothing to do with neither brewing nor distributing illegal liquor. This fact broke our hearts (jokes), but the show must go on even without illicit booze. Having handled shows and booked artistes for some eleven years now — to celebrate breaking away from being labeled as a company that’s a decade old — Moonshine’s organising an anniversary party for themselves with talents like Az Samad, Jumero, The Metaphor, Reza Salleh, and many more in the lineup that will go down during the last week of January. Entry is free, so go over to celebrate Moonshine.

Date Sunday 24 January ’16
Time 8.30pm
Venue The Bee, Publika

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