Montag Unveils Phase 6 Of The Phases Project

June is nearly ending and that means that it’s time for Montag to unleash the next phase of his 12-stage project – a digital single to be released each month of 2012 via Carpark Records.

The sixth phase of Montag’s 12-month project brings us ‘There is a Voice’, which is a tribute to friend and mentor Trish Keenan, of the indie electronic band Broadcast, who encouraged Montag to make music. The lyrics for this song was inspired by the emails Trish sent him 2 years ago, which was before Trish passed away in 2011. Montag also wanted to make the song about Trish’s voice that was always present in his life. In mood and texture, ‘There Is A Voice’ is unmistakably a reminiscent of Broadcast with vocals reverbed by the Roland Space Echo and ’60s electronic samples.

The b-side, ‘Le Pavillon De La France’, came about as Montag had been working on an iPhone application that would serve as a guided tour of the site of Expo 67 in Montreal. He was asked to write original music for the project so he teamed up with James Cargill and came up with a track that was in synch with the pavilions surrounding him. The track might come off as eerie but that spaced out arpeggios are meant to represent the “spinning movement” its metallic structure creates. It looks like, after 4 years spent busying himself with various other musical projects, Antoine Bédard AKA Montag has turned his attention back to his own unique brand of dreamy, ambient electronic.

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