WATCH: Mischievous Monkey Attempts To Undress Miss Peru In Bali

source: Market Resaearch Telecast

Former Miss Peru, Paula Manzanal (pictured above) was caught in a bit of monkey business recently in Bali after a curious primate tried to pull her top off.

In a video posted to Paula’s TikTok account, the monkey can clearly be seen latching onto a tube top she was wearing.

As Paula tried to shake the primate off, she received a swift smack to her face as the monkey was really determined to catch a nip slip.

source: Malay Mail

As cute as they may seem, it’s important to remember that all primates are wild animals and do not understand the concept of consent.

Thankfully, Paula was unharmed by the pervy monkey and only suffered from a hint of embarrassment. Perhaps the monkey was a fan of the former beauty queen, but I guess we’ll never know.

Watch the Tiktok video below:

@paulamanzz Yo solo queria que no me toque mis.. 🥲🙈 #indonesia #bali #monkey #peruana ♬ Oh No (Instrumental) – Kreepa