Mom’s On Strike: Grrrl Don’t Give a Damn

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Don’t confuse this band with the cheesy American family film of the same title. 3 guys and 1 angry riot grrrl make up this post-hardcore quartet that sounds like they’ve got a bone to pick with just about everyone. The rhythm section is tight – providing the right ammunition for lead screamer Jasmine Chew to pummel us with her incredibly raw siren.

And although they’ve only been around since early 2007, Mom’s On Strike seems like a band that was born and raised together by the same tattooed parents on a steady diet of Blood Brothers, Pretty Girls Make Graves and Le Tigre. Over the last 2 years, Jasmine, Kwan (bassist), Kamal (drum) and Aceh (guitar) have been playing gigs around the Peninsula and are slowly building their base in and out of the hardcore circle. For those who enjoy At The Drive-In’s intensity but are afraid of crowded mosh pits and swine flu, head over to their myspace and check ’em now!

Crank up the volume with Mom’s On Strike (unsigned) at and spread some ‘Love In Madras’.

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