Moe Beats On Timbaland

No, not in a sexual way. Malaysian-based Singaporean music producer/songwriter Moe Masri aka Moe Beats has been featured on The Timbaland Buzz Mixtape 2: R&B Edition. Moe Masri is up there on the mixtape alongside big names such as er, Timbaland (but of course) and Danjahandz. Go Asia!

Moe Masri regularly commutes between Singapore and KL for recordings. Amongst some of his work is the title-track for Canadian rapper Masia One’s album called ‘Pulau’ which reached #2 on Canada’s CBC Radio 3 and #1 Hip Hop Record on CJAMZ 91.5. Moe hasn’t slacked since either. the man has also been creating more buzz thanks to collaborations with Danjahandz-recording artist Cali Stylz under NARS/Crownlife/Writers Ink Records, former Timbaland-recording artist Izza Kizza and Writers Ink Records’ Craig Bass, Legend and Des Diaz.

Timba’s 1st mixtape recieved over 600 downloads. Timba’s site releases a series of mixtapes from the site each month. Moe expressed his joy at finding out his track was chosen for the compilation, “I’m honoured and shocked to be chosen and be on the same mixtape with Timbaland & Danjahandz, who are my Idols. I’m looking forward to be featured on upcoming releases.”

We’re happy for ya Moe! Say hi to Timbaland from JUICE!

The Timbaland Buzz Mixtape 2: R&B Edition is available to download for free on Be sure you also get the lowdown straight and check Moe Masri at