MJ’s Gold-plated Coffin

You know we love Michael Jackson, but his solid bronze gold-plated coffin is the opposite of a green burial. Of course we all expected nothing less from his ridiculously extravagant lifestyle. It’s just disappointing that Michael Jackson’s commitment to the planet didn’t extend to his burial. Never expected the King of Pop to part us so soon, so we’ll never know if this is what he intended or not.

The coffin is called Promethean, a creation by Batesville Casket Company in Ripley County, Indiana. It was spotted live on CNN being placed in a hearse for Jackson’s funeral. This gold coffin is made from solid bronze and plated with 14-carat gold hand-polished to a mirror finish. The interior is lined with luxurious crushed velvet. The retail value for the Promethean is, are you ready for this? $25,000! James Brown and Bob Hope have also departed in this coffin.

We’d rather be given a biodegradable cardboard box and have a tree planted over us to become a part of something and not sealed in a box of gold for eternity. We’re just saying.