Mizz Nina: What You Waiting For (Mizz Nina/Warner)

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These days, you can’t seem to go a day without hearing ‘What You Waiting For’ on the radio; lyrical cheese aside, the song’s infectious melody and beats-and guest appearance by Colby O’Donis-make it impossible to resist singing along. A slickly produced pop album mixed with a dope twist of hip hop, Mizz Nina’s long-awaited solo debut like a coming-out party that shows her true vocal flexibility in both English and Malay. There’s a great assimilation of genres too with hard-hitting rap on ‘Sri Kandi’ (with Ahli Fiqir’s Mawar Berduri), floetic rhymin’ on ‘Never Leave You Behind’, chilled out love on ‘Kurnia’ (with other half Noh from Hujan), cheeky boy-girl interaction on ‘Sometime’ (with Dandee from Bangkok’s Thaitainium) and bright-eyed soul on ‘Ping Pong’ (with Mode of Ruffedge).

She might not quite have the pipes of Mary J Blige, but her sexy Kelis-like, raspy voice is pleasant enough and easy on the ears. Something of a little Lauryn Hill, Mizz Nina has certainly proven herself with an album of brilliant recordings. It’s a polished debut that will put her on the pedestal as Malaysia’s latest pop princess!

LISTEN TO: ‘Ping Pong’
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Ping pong over to www.mizznina.com.

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