Mixing In Action

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Introducing a squad of highly trained party-starters known as Mixing In Action (MIA). Comprising of Fareen, Jojo, An and Hackeem (An is not pictured above due to unavailability), the collective has been spicing up the city’s night scene for the past year. MIA started with Jojo and Fareen who have been friends since primary school. Their previous stint into music includes a short-lived indie rock band. Hanging up their guitars for turntables, the duo met their counterparts at the now defunct Loft, Zouk. Hackeem and An were children of indie disco and immediately clicked with Jojo and Fareen.

Recently spotted at MIA club night Crescendolls at Cloth & Clef, where the collective pushed Labour Day celebrations to its limits, it’s small but crazy parties like this and their other DIY organised club nights such as their Electrosexual at Club 9 and the SiX Lounge and Rokkit at Cloth & Clef that MIA specialises in.

That’s not to say that MIA can’t handle a huge crowd – they played alongside LapSap for WOW at Barsonic recently. Having a 4-DJs lineup is definitely an advantage. Hackeem relates to JUICE: “Basically, we have had mixed crowds, from pure electronic lovers to hard rocking indie partygoers. They’re all soulful and beautiful people to us so we want to put on our best each time we go up to the decks.”

From French electro, ghetto house, nu rave, indie and electroclash, MIA constantly engages new sounds to keep things fresh. And that’s not just limited to scouring the internet for inspiration, MIA also works with new talent all the time in hopes of developing the local dance scene further. Now that’s what we call ‘partying with a cause!’

Get a piece of the action at www.myspace.com/mixinginactionmia and be Facebook buddies with MIA by simply searching for their name. Catch them next at Urbanscapes at KLPac on Saturday 27 June 2009.

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