Mixed by Peter Hook: Haçienda Acid House Classics (New State)

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Grab your whistle and stick on that white glove. Compiled and mixed by New Order’s, Joy Division’s and The Haçienda’s Peter Hook, New State Music has released ‘Haçienda Acid House Classics’. This personal compilation of Hooky’s favourite Haçienda tunes is the ultimate collection of Acid House classics, culled from the much-venerated, late 80s Acid House daze. Woot!

A legendary, groundbreaking and influential club, FAC 51- The Haçienda became the crucible on which the UK dance music scene was forged. You know the story. Or should do if you’ve watched the flick 24 Hour Party People.

Conceived, founded and financed by Factory Records and New Order, The Haçienda opened its doors on 21 May 1982 sporting the now iconic Factory Records catalogue number of Fac 51, alongside a pioneering, space-age, film set interior by architect Ben Kelly and initial graphics by Peter Saville.

As The Haçienda struggled financially during the early 80s due to a grasp of financial issues best described as tenuous, it was still highly successful as a gig venue (Madonna made her UK debut there in 1984 but heck no one’s perfect).

It was the underground US House scene that was to give The Hac its definitive sound from 1986 onwards, as Chicago and Detroit crossed the Atlantic and made The Haçienda the birthplace of UK Acid House, responsible for shaping the face of UK club culture and inspiring countless other clubs like Cream, Back To Basics and artists like 808 State, A Guy Called Gerald, Sasha, The Chemical Brothers and more in its wake.

Peter Hook was also a co-owner of the club and was ever present during the tumultuous set of circumstances that shaped the club during its 15-year tenure on Whitworth St West. Yet even some 12 years after it closed, respect and fascination with The Haçienda still remains high, a testament to its unorthodox place in music history and the equally unorthodox characters who created it in the 1st place.

One of the earliest Acid House nights at the club saw Adonis, Frankie Knuckles and DJ Pierre/Phuture play to a half empty club in 1987 but by 1988 Acid House had firmly established itself as the soundtrack to The Hac, as nights such as Hot and Nude, and DJ’s Mike Pickering, Graeme Park, and Jon Dasilva ripped up the clubbing rule book and changed the face of a musical generation in the process.

Marking 21 years of the genre and the club’s seminal involvement since its heady early days, Haçienda Acid House Classics presents a selection of tracks handpicked and mixed by Hooky to portray the definitive sound of Acid House and The Haçienda. Spread over two CDs, highlights include a new unreleased remix of the Mancunian anthem ‘Voodoo Ray’ (A Guy Called Gerald), ‘Baby Wants To Ride’ (Jamie Principle), ‘Washing Machine’  (Mr Fingers), ‘This Is Acid’ (Maurice), ‘Acid Tracks’ (Phuture), ‘True Dub’ (New Order), ‘Acid Rain’ (Victor Romeo), ‘Jesus Loves The Acid’ (Ecstasy Club), and ‘Lack Of Love’ (Charles B & Adonis).

Hooky has also selected the later tracks ‘Higher State Of Consciousness’ (Josh Wink) and ‘Acperience 1’ (Hardfloor) and includes q unreleased tracks of his own, ‘Ways Of Making Music’ and ‘We’re On It’. both under the name of Manray.

The Haçienda Acid House Classics is released on New State Music on 19 October 2009. Go get it and go back to the future. More on the legendary club at www.fac51thehacienda.com. The complete tracklisting follows.

01 Man Ray ‘Ways Of Making Music’
02 A Guy Called Gerald ‘Voodoo Ray (HAC09 Manray Edit)’
03 Hardfloor ‘Acperience 1’
04 Frankie Knuckles ft. Jamie Principle ‘Baby Wants To Ride’
05 Bassheads ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’
06 Fast Eddie ‘Acid Thunder  (Fast Eddie Mix)’
07 Mr Fingers ‘Washing Machine’
08 Phuture ‘Rise From Your Grave (Wake Da Fuck Up Mix)’
09 Charles B & Adonis ‘Lack Of Love’
10 Maurice ‘This Is Acid (Dovsa CD)’
11 Josh Wink ‘Higher State Of Consciousness (Tweakin Acid Funk Mix)’
12 Ralphi Rosario ‘An Instrumental Need’
13 Mr Lee ‘Pump Up London’
01 Man Ray ‘We’re On It’
02 Sleezy D ‘I’ve Lost Control’
03 Phuture ‘Acid Tracks (Afro Acid Mix)’
04 The Party Boy aka Bam Bam ‘The Twilight Zone’
05 New Order ‘True Dub’
06 Rhythmatic ‘Take Me Back’
07 Victor Romeo ‘Acid Raid’
08 Last Rhythm ‘Last Rhythm’
09 Jack Frost and the Circle Jerks ‘Two The Max’
10 Reese & Santonio ‘Rock To The Beat’
11 Neal Howard ‘Indulge’
12 Phortune ‘Jiggerwatts’
13 Esctasy Club ‘Jesus Loves The Acid’

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