Local YouTubers Cause A Stir With Giant Chip Bags Outside Sunway Uni

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Image via Habib Mahmud / JUICE

If you were hanging around the Sunway University area earlier this week, you may have spotted a trio of cool cats parading around decked out in colours that perfectly matched the packaging of your fav potato chip brand.

Armed with super-sized Mister Potato bags and goodies to be distributed, homegrown YouTubers Luqman Podolski, Adib Alexx, and Farhan Mazlan spread joy like confetti, capturing the delightful grins and reactions of passersby on camera.

Why, you ask?

You might wanna take a seat for this one, ’cause we have some seriously snack-worthy news.

Image via Habib Mahmud / JUICE

If you’ve been looking for someone toasty, flavourful and a little larger than what you’ve had before to accompany you on cozy movie nights, get ready to swipe right on Mister Potato – all that in one trusty package.

This time around, your companion in all things crispy and crunchy, is about to level up in a big, bold way. Prepare to be mind-blown, because they’re packing a jaw-dropping 50% extra chips!

Your favourite canister chips are also getting a makeover, with an extra 20 grams of pure snacking satisfaction packed into every tube.

Image via Habib Mahmud / JUICE

More munch for your crunch, more flavour for your savour.

Oh, and speaking of savoury goodness, Mister Potato is introducing two new flavours that’ll probably make your taste buds stand up and applaud.

These flavour sensations aren’t just passing through, either – they’re joining the Mister Potato lineup permanently, because why should deliciousness have an expiration date?

Images via Habib Mahmud / JUICE

Behold – Sour Cream & Onion and Hot Chili Squid Crinkle Chips!

While the Sour Cream & Onion Chips offer a tangy, savoury combination of creamy sour cream and sweet onions in a light, crispy texture, the Hot Chili Squid Crinkle Chips bring a bold, spicy kick paired with the umami richness of squid, featuring a thicker, crinkled design for a robust crunch.

Both flavours promise an aromatic, flavour-packed snacking experience. I mean, just look at them. 🤤

Image via Habib Mahmud / JUICE

In case you aren’t convinced, here’s proof that Mister Potato’s chips aren’t just snacks, but mood-boosting miracles:

source: Syuhada Rahim / JUICE
source: Syuhada Rahim / JUICE

Oh, BTW, the items are available for purchase at brick-and-mortar locations such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, and convenience stores, in addition to being offered on the Shopee e-store platform.

Grab an upgraded bag or canister for yourself now!

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